The Parish

Once, the Cathedral parish had in its fold vast territory for its pastoral activities. It had more than 20,000 families. The parishes – Crawford, Edamalaipatty Pudur, Subramaniyapuram, Sembattu, Gundur, K.K. Nagar, Ariport, Kallukukuzhi, Karunamdapam and Puthur were carved out of Cathedral parish for Pastoral reasons and concerns. At present the parish has 26 substations. The total Catholic families are 2,935, and the population nearly 15,000, and the non-catholic population more than 250,000. 80% of the Catholics in the parish belong to Dalit community, who are economically poor and socially backward. They work as painters, carpenters and in the constructions as masons and helpers for daily wage around the market places. The Parish Pastoral Council consists of 53 members among them 13 are executives and 5 are officials. Parish Financial Committee, consisting of 5 members, manages the financial transaction of the Parish.

The Substations and the number of Catholic families:
S.No Substation names No. of families
01. Allam Street 185
02. Kajapet 184
03. Ponthottam 133
04. Kempstown 049
05. Kempstown – Adaikala Annai Street 126
06. Kempstown – Santhiyagappar Street 085
07. Kempstown – Savariyar Kovil Street 044
08. Kempstown – Sebastiar Kovil Street 134
09. Melapudur 213
10. Mudaliar Chattram 132
11. Sengulam – Antoniar Kovil Street 045
12. Sengulam – Savaeriar Kovil Street 121
13. Sengulam – Sebastiar Kovil Street 105
14. Marsingpet 236
15. Beema Nagar 204
16. Old Post Office Road 040
17. Kunibazar 100
18. Kandi Street 130
19. Erattai Pillaiyar Kovil Street 075
20. Yanaikatti Maidan 050
21. Ottakadai 108
22. Collector office Road 036
23. Convent Road 068
24. Marakkadai 085
25. Cantonment 220
26. In Apartments and other places 037
  Total 2,935

Basic Christian Community (BCC) and Pious Associations:

There are 40 Basic Christian Communities (BCCs). All people in a particular street or locality will be the members of the BCC. There are about 40 to 50 families in each BCC. In BCC, there is no discrimination in the name of caste, creed or even gender. “One for all and all for one” is the basis of BCC, in prayer and in action. It is not just a coming together for prayers. It starts from the prayers and leads them towards meaningful social actions transformation such as mobilizing funds and materials to help the poor and needy around, visiting the sick and aged in the hospitals and in the old age homes and children in the orphanages.

There are other pious associations and lay movements in the parishes and they cater the spiritual needs of different section of people. The details are as follows:

S.No Name Category
01. St. Vincent De Paul Society For the poorest of the poor
02. Legion of Mary For men and women
03 Choir For youth (boys and Girls)
04. Altar Boys For boys and girls up to 14 age
05. St. John Bosco Movement For Young boys
06. Catholic Association For lay leaders
07. St. Franciscan 3rd Order For mixed groups
08. Basic Christian Community (BCC) Neighbourhood communities
09. Christian Employees Movement For Christian workers

St. Mary’s Feast:
Every year the Parish festival is celebrated on September 8th – the Nativity of Our Lady.

Notice Board

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